What's in it for me?

  • Fixing the mental, emotional and/or energetical root cause of what prevents you from fully thriving as you dreamt of or did in that uniform

Coaching is like a massage for the soul...

  • Understanding your patterns and adjusting course to improve your relationships with others, money, success, health, career, romance, parenting, and, most importantly, YOURSELF

  • Raising your baseline of lightness, alignment, freedom and joy

  • Renewing the meaning of your life

  • Reclaiming a relaxed, performant you

  • Being not just listened to, but heard.

  • Feeling good, balanced

  • Re-igniting your passion, the sparks in your eyes

  • Regaining control from the inside on what can't be controlled outside (ex: others, time, "irrops", weather, etc)

  • Re-connecting to your heart

  • Attaining the next step in your life's plan

  • Addressing traumas, addictions (as simple as food, screens, etc)

  • Gifting yourself a safe, confidential space where you can be fully authentic.

  • Increasing your energy level for daily endeavours (by assessing "emotional leaks")

  • Retaining your poise during stressful events (training, abnormal situations, high workload)

  • Including spirituality, the intangible, in your journey, either from a non-religious perspective or according to your own faith and religious beliefs

  • Staying away from costly therapy...